New website and what's about?

So I had a longish break from posting. The last post I wrote on the original version of this blog is dated more than 1 year and 3 months. I feel like all my writing muscles are rusty. Anyway, I wanted to kick start a new chapter for this website and moved from hosted Wordpress to self-hosted Ghost. But that's not too important.

What is important, is that is now (as of posting) is empty. I will gradually edit, update and add all (or most) posts. Especially series about Reinforcement Learning will get much-needed love with all the feedback I received about it.

About content, I expect there will be a little bit of direction change. I will still mostly write about software and there would be code involved but as time goes on I would like to focus on using various AI technologies to solve real problems. There are (too) many tutorials showing how to play game X using Reinforcement Learning but there are close to none showing why the hell you might need this technology in your business/project/tech stack. I still have to figure out how to deliver it, but what is here.

So I hope you all enjoy this content, I hope to make new friends and acquaintances here and most importantly I hope to learn a ton of stuff while preparing content.

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