2017 recap

2017 recap

So it’s already 6 January 2018. But I gave into the mood of summing up my 2017. I mean I am myself interested in what happened during that year and maybe in some lessons, I should remember. I won’t spend much research on that, I don’t have any journals or anything like that. All entries would be somewhat chronological.

Goals πŸ—’οΈ

But first, what was my goal entering 2017?

  • I wanted to learn a new programming language, and dig into AI / Deep Learning. It’s January 2018, I am pretty proficient in Python. I can write backend in Flask. I wrote Deep Neural Network framework in Swift and wrote a somewhat popular blog post about it. Goal: βœ…
  • I wanted to create a product and to earn something from it (like even $1, just something to validate). More details below. Goal: 🚫
  • Together with my now wife – then fiancΓ© we wanted to travel for a longer time. So it’s January 2018, we are sitting in the cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s over 60th day of our travel. We are both still having our jobs (unpaid holidays). Goal: βœ…

So 2 of 3 goals passed. That’s pretty good. I guess. Don’t get me wrong, every one of those was important. But I wouldn’t ever be complete without ever fulfilling the product/business one. Though I have to say it wasn’t a year of stagnation or going backward.

2017 timeline (kind of) πŸ“†

With Klaudia, we started with the idea of med-tech startup. I wanted to tinker with machine learning on some real thing. We even got cofounders. Cofounders left, we were too short of time to ever handle it. We learned how to talk with people about our ideas and be open about it. We also learned that we are more comfortable with the idea of creating something we can actually build and bootstrap. Not some great and big idea.

We first time ate at the restaurant with tasting menu. It was a gift for Klaudia. I hope she liked as it was my dream to try such thing after watching all seasons of Chef’s Table on Netflix. It was good and it was worth.

We decided to travel for half a year to South-East Asia. We managed (after some bargain hunting) to get tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ and organized our plans around it.

Together with my hackathon team @ Tooploox, we have won it with Thanksy app. I am still pretty Proud of it as I was developing backend there. The backend that someone will actually use. It works to this day. You can find the article by Karol on Tooploox blog and Bartosz put it on Dribble. Thanks, Magda, Karol, Sebastian, Bartosz!

I started coding Contacthor web app. Something like web crawler for finding companies data. I spend 4 months on it before postponing it. The decision wasn’t easy as together with my wife we invested loads of time on it. But technical stuff overwhelmed me. I built pretty complex infrastructure, some machine learning inside. I learned a ton. But the app wouldn’t scale and it wasn’t finished. As it crawled the web on demand, only a few users would slow the whole system by a lot. It wasn’t an easy failure. We did some pretty solid research on that so we might go back to it. But I need to muscle up on the backend – devops stuff before trying.

We got married in August πŸ‘°πŸ€΅. What a day. The wedding was in the open air and even though the weather was pretty lame this year on this day was perfect. I don’t know if I ever thanked Klaudia for organizing all of. If not than Thanks, My Dear, you are the best!

I mentioned a kinda popular Neural Network blogpost. I am really proud of it as it’s my first public success as a blogger and a programmer. In addition, it’s about neural networks which I wanted to write about. It was inspired by materials from Coursera by Andrew Ng’s deeplearning.aiDeep Learning specialization. Highly recommended as an intro to the subject. Additionally, 2 GitHub repos came to exist while I was learning it MatSwift and DeepNeuralNetworkDemo which I invite you yo check out.

Idea for Vsnipp came to exist. First I thought about it on my own. Then in iOS team @ Tooploox we had many different ideas of tools we would need. I threw everything to bag and tried to make something of it. On December the beta was live as a soft launch. So no major effort to bring a lot of users. Just series of consultation with mentors and friends and some minor testing. Still working on that.

I asked this question on Twitter to @mijustin.

It was something I was thinking about a lot as I have written something on my medium and Tooploox blog. But never thought about it seriously. But here it is. You are reading it now.

The year ended in Hanoi. We had spectacular time just watching how Vietnamese spend their New Year. It was so unlike any other New Year’s Eve we ever experienced (and the last few of them were awful)

Looking into 2018

When I think about 2018 3 things come to my mind.

  1. To release a product.
  2. To double down on AI / Deep Leaning. To get a grasp on Recurrent Neural Networks and Reinforced Learning. I already got a learning plan set.
  3. To blog

And that’s what you can expect from me and this blog in 2018. There probably would be a more detailed post on approach to goal completion. It’s more for me to hold myself accountable and have something to look at in 2019. A little disclaimer. I don’t treat the new year as a something magical. It’s just a good time to recap and think about a life.

If you read until this point. Thank you very much. You are the best. If you have anything to say the comments are for you and you can always message me.

Take care and have a spectacular 2018! πŸ™

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