Hi everyone


Welcome to the Harder Choices. Which is my blog and personal space. First of all my name is Jeremi. Now we are no longer strangers. But don’t worry I am not talking to you from the sewer but from the Internet. So it’s fine. Few things about me:

  • I am a software engineer @ Tooploox. Which is software company in Wroclaw, Poland. There I do iOS in Swift. But I won’t write about it here. They have their own blog where you can find some of my stuff.
  • I was always fascinated by software and code. It started in a first grade, then after many twists and turns I am here. Meanwhile I wanted to be a drummer, studied architecture and thought I am bad at science. Since then I have written mobile apps, backends and frontends. And neural networks from scratch. I will write about it here. It’s my passion but I am not an expert. I want to explore new ideas and learn.
  • I am into business. One of my dreams is to release a product and earn some money. I find tremendous power in being able to create software. I always have some product in development and few more in mind. I will also write about here.
  • I try to learn a lot. Books, MOOC’s, you name it. Physics, check. Evolution, yep. AI? Give it to me. I will try to make sure this blog is quite relevant to software and business. Bot nothing will stop me from posting anything interesting. Hope you will enjoy. And please stop me if I drift too much.
  • I am a person. So please, talk to me, write me emails, bother me on Twitter, criticize my ideas and pitch me yours. Remember feedback is love.

If you consider those things interesting, follow, subscribe or do whatever you do to stay up to dated.

  1. Wonderfull introduction. Your right we are human and love feedback whether good it bad, it’s feedback.



    1. Thanks 😃



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